Our vision is to provide outstanding quality imaging services to hospitals and IHF facilities, through subspecialty-trained radiologists, standardized reporting, availability and fast report turnaround times.

We began radiology and nuclear medicine reporting for our first contracted Independent Health Facility (IHF) in Toronto, Ontario in February 2011 with three radiologists. Since then, we have grown to provide work for 18 radiologists, including a mix of full-time and part-time radiologists, who report studies for over 20 different hospitals and IHF facilities with whom we have contracted exclusive reporting privileges.

We are a full-service radiology services company and in addition to radiologists, we provide hospitals and facilities with: our full PACS and RIS solution, including integrated radiology and nuclear medicine viewing capability; an outstanding transcription service with one day turnaround time; and consulting services to make your facility run more efficiently and up to current inspection standards.

Our rapid growth is a testament to our singular focus on quality services and to our outstanding radiologists and partners. We are committed to further growth and expansion in radiology and nuclear medicine services in Ontario and throughout Canada.